Illuminaut specializes in business development between Asia and Europe. Especially in the area of health care technology, interactive/distributed training, Health IT and products employing gamification as a tool to rehabilitation. Through several years of working with Japanese and European healthcare technology companies and municipalities, we have come to understand the do’s and don’t’s of market adaption, and relation building.

We know the qualities of the Scandinavian countries in bridging the second valley of death in product development, through user-centered design, and we know how to test and adapt technologies to fit each of the two markets. The many strength of Illuminaut is our combination of technical and healthrelated insights with a solid cultural undestanding.

Our clients include companies from Finnland, Netherlands, Denmark and Norway that wish to promote their products in Japan or oher parts of Asia as well as Japanese and Taiwanese companies that wish to test, develop or sell their products in Scandinavia.

We often collaborate with municipalities and help attract and build local representations of foreign companies based on contacts we have created through our frequent trips to Asia.

Our products involve:

  • Business hotel
  • Product saleability assessment
  • Design and ideation workshops
  • Go-To-Market strategies for Japan or Scandinavia
  • Business or research partner introduction
  • Interpretation and delegation visit organizers

It is also possible to subscribe to our knowledge bank about possibilities in Japanese-EU health care technology opportunities.