We believe at Instafilm that video should be for all. We have tried to make this possible in 3 ways:

  1. We make it really simple to order video and simple to have it made.
  2. We make it affordable.
  3. We make it fast.

We feel that everyone should have the possibility to express themselves online in the way that is getting most popular. But so far it has been too complicated, expensive and slow.

We accomedate this by having a setup that can be low cost. The costemer can choose witch part of the production they themselves want to take care of. Are they ready with an idea? do thay have all people that need to be in the film. Do they know the location? If everything is settled, it can be done cheap.

Because you need to have new video content on a regular basis on social media, it cant be too expensive. Thats why we feel our way of making video is the future. The time for “big fireworks” is over, and the time for “volume” is now. You need something to post, and if it is dead in 3 days, why use a fortune on it?

We hope to see you at the media content provider of the future: Instafilm