KASPERBENJAMIN is an local danish brand from Odense, that designs and offers high quality posters and frames to homes of Denmark and now Sweden. The designer behind the brand is Kasper Benjamin, which has since 2016, designed and managed the brand.

Since 2016 KASPERBENJAMIN have designed over 50+ different designs and have delivered hundreds of posters around Denmark. The uniqueness of the brand, lies in the high quality paper, which is printed on 230 gram paper. More importent is the flexibility to meet the customers need everywhere they are and provide personal help and inspiration. Today KASPERBENJAMIN is administrator by one designer, whose dreams is to create and inspire people with positive nature posters that suits the Scandinavian homes.

Today KASPERBENJAMIN is represented in Denmark and Sweden and have a dream to design quality posters to lifestyle/livingroom shops around Scandinavian. Everytime you buy your posters local, you support the dream of creating and inspiring other people. KASPERBENJAMIN is your piston for nordic quality design and frames from the local Odense area.




Oluf Bagers Gade 11 st tv

5000 – Odense C



Kasper Benjamin Sørensen


  • Date January 16, 2018
  • Tags E-commerce, Fashion, Startups