Prison Ink

Prison Ink is a tattoo convention that has surroundings in a real prison. Horsens State Prison, FÆNGSLET, is setting the atmosphere for the event, which take place one weekend every year.

If you have not yet had the experience of the tattoo-needle on your skin, then it is a good way of experiencing the tattoo environment, ask the artists any questions you may have and maybe even get a deal or an offer from the festival.

Tattoos have through generations both disgusted and captivated people. Prison Ink is not only for those that loves ink, but also for you, that might want to confront some of the prejudice or fears about tattoos, that you might have. Prison Ink is for everyone and you will experience a completely different atmosphere, with both the chance of getting something to eat and drink, listen to some live music – and just listen to the working needles buzzing.

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